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Metro Detroit's Leading Dry Ice Supplier

LN2 Gas & Supply is Michigan’s premier supplier of of high quality dry ice for use in food distribution and storage, medical facilities, research laboratories, and universities.


Michigan’s Leading Provider of Certified Medical-Grade Oxygen and Nitrous.

  • Medical Clinics
  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Veterinarians
  • Dermatologists

Family Owned and Operated

Our company is built on a foundation of over 100 years of experience.


Fast Delivery and Dependable Service

We’re proud of our reputation for speed, accuracy, and attention to detail.

Liquid Nitrogen and C02 Available for Delivery 24/7

LN2 Gas & Supply is the reliable choice for your restaurant.


24/7 Emergency Delivery

Our experienced staff ensures that you’re never left waiting for your important products with emergency delivery 24/7. Stop Waiting! Start working with the best!

One Stop Shop

LN2 Gas and Supply Company has a full selection of medical gases available at a moment’s notice. From Liquid Nitrogen or CO2 to medical grade oxygen and nitrous, we have you covered.

Consistent Billing

Feel like you’re working with amateurs? All of our accounts, big or small, are handled with the same care and consideration when it comes to billing.

Quality Medical Gases

An Industry Leader

LN2 Gas & Supply is Southeast Michigan’s leading provider of Liquid Nitrogen, CO2, and medical-grade Oxygen and Nitrous. Our outstanding reputation is based on years of exceptional service and comprehensive knowledge of our products. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers the highest quality products with fast delivery, reliable service, and accurate, detailed billing. Our superior quality and service is built on a foundation of decades of experience. Our parent companies have been in the gas industry since 1937, providing solutions for industrial corporations and commercial businesses. One of our parent companies, Metro Welding Supply, even has its own specialty gas laboratory for custom solutions, called Cryogenic Gases. Founded in 1972, Cryogenic Gases was established to provide custom solutions and cryogenic liquids to the local market.

One Stop Shop

We can supply you with Liquid Nitrogen, CO2, Medical grade oxygen, and Medical Grade Nitrous. LN2 Gas and supply offers a 24-Hour Emergency Delivery system. If at any point during the day, week, or year you need a refill on your gas give us a call and we will have a delivery to you as soon as possible. LN2 Gas and Supply services the greater metro Detroit area.

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